Sunday, 22 December 2013

A peach of a day

Ok so I should have written this on Tuesday but I couldn't find all the camera accessories so it is late as always.

Don't you love it when everything you do in a day just becomes magic? As Mr R would say 'it's a peach of a day'.

Flat peaches so so tasty
I have some Tuesdays off and this co-insides with Mr R (he has been working nights lately (4pm-2am) so we don't really see much of each other except on some Tuesdays (date day). So while Mr R slept I thought I could squeeze in a yoga class (and I am soooo glad I did).

Then I decided we should go on a picnic to Bobbin Head (a beautiful national park not to far from me). So what better thing but to take a home grown salad? I walked out and picked zucchini

There was also olives

While small now I hope for big things one day

Please ignore the weeds but there are Soybean seedlings and red onion also used in the salad

Add a few nuts, capsicum (i must plant some seedlings) and goats cheese a bit of dressing and oh my goodness....

Just add the venue and Mr R

The lovely apple tree Bay
So as Mr R works so late I expected that he might fall asleep (yes he did) so I grabbed a current addition of Australian House and Garden and who should I see on page 81??? Highfield... Gosh Louise you are famous!

But wait the day did not end here.... Nope I caught up with some of my most gorgeous and amazing school friends. This day could not get any better!

Sorry ladies should have waited till you stopped talking xxx. But how good do the cupcakes look???

Love.... Mobile phone camera needs updating


  1. What a gorgeous day - that salad looks so yummy. I want another pair of Redback workboots but they're so expensive over here - they are the most comfy safety boots I've ever had. Merry Christmas to you and Mr R - Bernice x

    1. It was a lovely day indeed. Perhaps you can get the redbacks online? I have to say they are not steel caps but very comfortable boots.

      Thanks for the Christmas wishes Bernice hope your New Year is bright

  2. Wow, what lovely peaches! And already? Or are they a very early variety? Mine are still fattening and have yet to colour at all. Love your salad, don't yellow zucchinis make dishes sing?

    1. I have to confess I did buy the peaches. I was really excited to see the flat ones that I got a whole container. I have to say I thought I had picked up a green zucchini but I do love the yellow one.