Sunday, 12 January 2014

Time for some serious work in the garden

You know how it is when you spend your days looking after other people's gardens you don't always want to look at your own. In fact I look down at the ground to avoid the shame of what is really going on in the garden.

Don't get me wrong it is adequate and the garden looks quite good to those that don't spend as much time in the garden as I do. But see the weeds, lack of food and water as well as quite a few plants in need of haircuts faster than others. In fact I think if I didn't then I might not really be doing such a good job.

But some of the vegies are almost finished such as

The last of the summer corn
 And things are in desperate need of assistance

I might have to get some sturdier stakes for next year I think. But we are still harvesting at least half a dozen each day from each plant
At least the chilli is loving the heat
And the cicadas (my goodness the din they make is super loud this year)
Looks like the next few weeks I might have to get stuck into more planting... I just wonder if it is not too late for another crop of corn???

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