Tuesday, 10 July 2012


So Tuesday nights are my well earned yoga nights but we are on holidays and I am almost at a loss as what to do...  Ok not really in fact I know there is much to talk about when it comes to the fabulous growing garden world.  But it was the ladies at Yoga that seemed interested in my compost discussion 2 weeks ago that I thought you might be interested as well.

I decided that my composts needed to be moved down the back where they are out of sight and in an area where it is pure sandstone and I can't grow anything really. I also wondered how to incorporate that great huge load of leaves gifted to me from the liquidambar out the front.

just turning yellow
So I was talking to my dad about how I would chop up the leaves this year as I had borrowed a clients mulcher last year and it did a fabulous job.  Sadly it has died and I was a little worried.  My dad suggested I mow them after all I do have a mulcher mower.  So I blew them all into a pile on my drive and here is how it went....

It has to be said the blades on the mower are in need of replacing.  I guess this form of mulching is not quite what the manufacturer had in mind but I have to say it worked a treat.  I just had to scoop it up.  Not quite as tempting as jumping in a large pile of fresh crunchy leaves but still a little tempting

I have an aerobin that has taken up quite a lot of space in the carport and it is quite good for eating up my kitchen scraps.  But I have been bad and not added nearly enough carbon with my high amounts of nitrogen. So I emptied the entire bin out and mixed it with the leaves, blood and bone, ash, cow manure and some peat moss (yes I know not sustainable but it really helps me keep moisture in my sandy soils).

My mix of things to layer in the compost

The sludge that was high in nitrogen and low in carbon  gets added to the compost bins in layer

I think the daleks with it's various stages of layers

So with a bit of time I am going to have such great compost I will be the envy of the neighbourhood.  Of course it does give me some time to help Mr R work on the vegie patch walls and it will be a match made in heaven.

Tell me about your compost patches what has worked for you?

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