Sunday, 8 July 2012

Winter Blues

I know it has been way to long since I have sat down to write, and I really don't have a great excuse just a bit of winter blues.  I am not really glum about winter in fact I really love winter (except the getting out of bed at 5.30am).  But I do think those longer nights means we should be hibernating as I do feel more tired at this time of year.  The gardens certainly slow down which means we get a bit of a break, well sort of as there are  all those grape vines, roses, wisterias and hedges that need top be pruned and sprayed ready for winter.  The weeds thanks to the rain that need removal. Not to mention those gardens that are being feed and mulched.

But here are a few things that I have seen and made over the last couple of weeks.

Amazing sunrises

Tom turned thirty so why not make a couple of cakes?
Mmm they were both really tasty cakes the 3 was a chocolate and peanut butter moose and meringue cake that tasted like a snickers bar.  And the 0 was a chocolate raspberry surprise cake which was exceptionally moist thanks to the mayonnaise (surprise).

We have had a couple of possums that have taken up residence in our roof for quite some time so we finally attached a new home on the liquidambar.  It wasn't terribly happy about it but I think it's new house will give us all a better night sleep.

Mr R attaching the box firmly to possums new abode

And just in case you thought I really wasn't doing any work I have made an appearance on Pennie's blog.... I am impressed that we actually made it into the photo of the day :o) Thanks Pennie

So the boys have suggested we take a walk along the harbour seeing as it is such a nice day so I will finish here and promise to get back to some serious blogging.  Till then I hope you are enjoying winter


  1. I definitely want a cake that tastes like snickers for my next birthday - yum!

    1. It was pretty good although terribly sweet. Found it in a masterchef magazine I borrowed. But i have also found the link which is here is you are super keen