Sunday, 15 July 2012


I worked on a garden around the corner from me a few years back and the client of the house implied I had no colour or flower in my garden (green is still a colour I must say).  What she really meant was my garden in spring did not explode with an abundance of flowers like hers.  Her garden was completely different as she has azaleas and murraya!  Hmm so for one month of the year her garden is full of bright show offy flowers and dull for the rest of the year....  I should express that these two plants I really don't like for many reasons.

So the reason I love GBBD is it goes to show that while the garden is not burgeoning with colour I have something worth looking at.  Here's what July brings

Daphne Odora, if only the blog came with smell
The first of the Helleborus is out there are a few darker varieties coming

I have an entire bank of Galanthus (snowdrops) these are the first.  Please ignore the weedy oxalis

The Cymbidiums are cheerful by the front door

Ok so this a a pot of Crowea exalata which is heading towards a clients garden but is it really cheating to include as it is still in my garden.

So the Broad beans are bigger and the flowers are much the same

Viola hederacea happy to see the morning light

Want to see some other gorgeous gardens in bloom then skip over to  maydreamsgardens  and see what other beauties are going on around the world.


  1. You really have some of my very favourite things in your garden. I can smell the daphne from here. And your red flowering broadbeans are fabulous.

    1. Thankfully I planted the Daphne near to the door. The only problem is I tend to have it closed at this time of year.