Friday, 5 July 2013

Zurich Botanical Gardens

I didn't see kangaroos so had to make do we us. Love the typo.
As usual in a new city I took Mr R off to the botanical gardens. And I was not disappointed as they were really beautiful. Of course I they have 3 glass domes on a smaller scale to the Eden Project inside the settings dry tropical, wet tropical and desert. They had ponds in and above the ground (which I expect must freeze), wild fields and homes for bugs.


A very busy Bumblebee

Bug hotel

Capsicum family

Who knew there were so many mints?

the glass domes

Desert style

I love wild fields
Purple podded peas like yours Bek

Above ground pond


  1. What a stunning garden! Thanks for profiling this. From an AustraliAn.


    1. It really was beautiful. So different from what we have at home

  2. Yay - purple podded peas! The ones I grow are supposed to be dutch, but I feel now they should be swiss. What a gorgeous place. I'm actually heading to zurich later in the year so will have to follow in your footsteps. Hopefully the peas will still be there...

    1. I did immediately think of you it has to be said. Perhaps they got a few seeds from the Dutch as well? It is an interesting garden mostly run by the University of Zurich from what I could understand so it seems like they are on top of running the place well. Good luck finding the peas when you get there. It does inspire me to want to grab some seeds