Thursday, 11 July 2013

London's Southbank encourages growing food

I'm impressed with a window walk allotment space along London's southbank currently. There is a strong demand to grow food but finding spaces to grow has been a challenge. While there are 737 allotments with a staggering 20 000 plots across London, the waiting list to get in is huge. So as part of   the festival of neighbourhoods many window boxes and glass panes have been designed to form very cool sheds.

Self-watering pots hang from the top, are filled with rhubarb. I'm interested if they work long-term
These plants will all be sent into the community once the festival is over and they have pledged to use the produce to make 500 meals see capital growth. I love this idea! Even if people only grow herbs is encouraging.

Large bags help with mobility 

Greenwich herb garden would be handy if you needed a handful of sage

My brother and kids perusing the Greenwich herb gardens 


  1. Wow, love the fabulous box and window construction and the plants look so happy and healthy. Are you having fun?

    1. They have a team of locals looking after the gardens, I think they are doing a great job. At least they will all be re-used locally after the display is taken down. Having a brilliant time thanks, great to catch up with all the friends and family and surprisingly fantastic weather!