Wednesday, 28 March 2012

time to reveal the true mess

So as a horticulturalist who does this stuff each day i am sure you wondering where I really do hide all the stuff I have to have for all my clients?  Well down the side of the house (under a hopeless but efficient carport) is not only the washing line but aerobin, and general stuff storage.  I know why would anyone have a washing line on the side of the house for everyone to see?? Exactly the same question I ask almost daily.  Opps sorry I digress again

Here it is the carport and place to stash everything.  I know made even worse when Mr R adds his building stuff!  The aerobin (big green thingy) does an amazing job at breaking down the leftover kitchen straps (that the worms don't get) and grass clippings.  It is a great way of reducing the waste that goes out in the bin and solid enough that the rats don't get in. there are also a couple of wheel barrows and a clients mulcher which is fantastic in autumn.  Just beyond the gate is my main vegetable patch which I should have taken a photo of (next time). But my aim within the next 2 months is to get this to a state that you might actually be able to walk through.  

So what part of your garden do you call the shame corner?

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