Monday, 26 March 2012

everything gold glows

I am so impressed with things that are flowering happily in the garden at the moment without a care of what is going on around them.  Take for example my Cymbidum orchid.  Yes I know it is early but you try telling it that.  For the past 5 years it thinks flowering time is actually in autumn not winter.  Who am I to judge?  

Nine stems is absolutely amazing as I think 2 has been the best i have had in the past
Mostly yellow but I think it is quite delicate
So I had a client who had some palms that were doing quiet badly in these old fashioned pots so I took them.  Mr R kindly painted them white so they looked clean then i filled it with orchid mix, 3 years later....
I do have another pot which has a couple of different colours, so wait and see hopefully they will be as impressive in winter (cross fingers and toes).

Do you want to see what is going on in the vegie patch??  It made me very happy (or at least will when I get to harvesting them.  Helianthus tuberosus also known as Jerusalem Artichoke.  It grew (again without me really paying any attention to them) up to about 2.5m, really take a look for yourself it came right up to my neighbours window (which is above the garage).

I did have to cut it down on the weekend as it and a lot of weeds decided they would take over the vegetable patch.  I didn't think it was on so it got a severe chop and I returned the passionfruit back to the fence line.  So I expect there will be quite a selection of things I will use the tubers for:  soup and roasted veg.  Have you got any favourite recipes that you use Jerusalem artichoke for?

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