Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Millions of peaches...Peaches for free

I was recently given a gift of peaches and plums from a friend who's daughter lives in Bathurst. Going on the size of this box alone you can just imagine how big the trees must have been.

The peaches were white cling stone with amazing flavour. If only they were slip stones they could have been even better. The plums were mostly just eaten with a few stewed.

I got to work on the peaches quickly as they were very ripe. Here is a little of what was made:

Plum and peach crumble

peach and almond cake

Homemade pasties with both dinner (roast pumpkin, caramelised onion, spinach and feta) and dessert (yeap peaches)

cooked which was very tasty

Upside down peach cake. Thankfully there have been a few birthdays this month.
What I forgot to photograph were the 'Salads including peach', 'Peach sherbet' and 'Peach chutney'. Not to mention those just eaten.

I am not so sure peaches will grow so well in Sydney but I do have a spot in the garden that might just work, and these peaches were so good I am thinking maybe. If only we didn't get such hot summers and a little more chill in winter. Something I will have to investigate a bit more I am thinking.


  1. Oooh - how fantastic! That' an awful lot of peach eating though. All your peachy creations look lovely. Hope your back is feeling better.

    1. Thanks Bernice the back is on the mend. I am even on holidays in the country so there is no strain on the back. I do have to say I haven't got any peaches for home since our peach overload. Not since figs have started.....

  2. That is an awesome gift! So much peachy deliciousness. I love the idea of both dinner and dessert in one tasty parcel!