Thursday, 20 June 2013

Birthdays and a winter vegeatable garden

For my birthday last month I suggested to Mr R that I would like something at the front entrance to make a statement and grow a climber over. Here is the card I received at my birthday this year.

I have had a Abeka vine going nowhere right at the front for a number of years. Originally there was a fence along the front but it was another one of those things about the house that was falling down so we helped it along and pulled it out.

Quite an old photo but the only one I could find of the fence. The dog looks young and the dead camellia hadn't quite been removed. The Akeba vine is just near the gas box.
Anyway Mr R finally had a bit of time to work on the front entrance at last. However I am not quite sure what to call it. Is it and Arbor or pergola or something else altogether? Although it is not quite finished (we need side bars to grow the climber on) and the pavers need to be re laid. Here is the result.

The dog does like to follow me into the garden and he is now has a little more grey in his face
I think it is a great job he has done. It needs some work but I am chuffed with the structure. I think the gas box has be worked on next.

Now I am off on holidays for a number of weeks so I thought I best take some photos of how the vegie gardens look before I left. Not a lot of produce it has to be said but then I expect it needs a bit more love than I have been able to put in lately.

The cauliflower have been hit but cabbage moth and the broad beans are struggling as there is simply not enough sun
Onion, cabbage, brussel sprouts, silverbeet, English spinach, peas and broad beans all still tiny
The leek are slowly starting to get there. Shame I didn't weed in between but I am having a battle with the oxalis at the moment  
It will be exciting to see how it looks when we get back. Till then cheerio garden

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